Sumo Amsterdam


Sumo Amsterdam

It all started in Rotterdam Schouwburgplein as a small and intimate Japanese restaurant that is one of the first "all-you-can-eat concept" wielded and grew into an immense popular formula.


On the day of sumo today to find Netherlands, from Groningen to Tilburg where you can enjoy a delicious Japanese lunch or dinner. In our restaurants we serve not only sushi but also grilled dishes, or the so-called "Yaki" dishes, which means "fried" in Japanese. We can also serve vegetarian dishes.


Come and we will awaken your taste buds!


Opening hours


thursday        12:00–22:30

friday              12:00–22:30

saturday           12:00–22:30

sunday             12:00–22:00

monday          12:00–22:30

tuesday            12:00–22:30

wednesday        12:00–22:30