Sherpa Restaurant


Sherpa Restaurant

Sherpa Restaurant was founded in Amsterdam in 1989 and was the first Nepalese and Tibetan oriented restaurant in the Netherlands.

The traditional cooking in Nepal and Tibet is an art. Nepali dishes are prepared with mild spices, while the Tibetan dishes consist of several MOMO's (dumplings) and noodles. In the kitchen made lightly seasoned MOMO can be divided into two types: steamed and fried.

Are you a fan of the Dal-Bhat and MOMO? Or, you want to discover the Nepalese and Tibetan dishes? You are always welcome at Restaurant Sherpa.


Opening hours


thursday           12:00–23:00

friday                 12:00–23:00

saturday              12:00–23:00

sunday                12:00–23:00

monday             16:00–23:00

tuesday               16:00–23:00

wednesday            16:00–23:00