Restaurant De Blauwe Hollander


Restaurant De Blauwe Hollander

De Blauwe Hollander opened its doors on 1 April 1979. The name “The Blue Dutchman” is a reference to the blue uniforms worn by the marines that used to be sent to Indonesia and Surinam to stay there as permanent representatives of Holland.

Hollandse Pot (traditional Dutch Cuisine) was appreciated more in the former Dutch colonies because you couldn’t get the ingredients readily in the tropics and because it tempered their longing for home.

The traditional Dutch cuisine has always maintained its right of existence; sometimes more so than other times, but the authenticity of the food prepared with daily fresh products has never gone away.

The times when traditional Dutch stamppot, pea soup and stew were the things to eat have never really gone away, and we are proud to still offer every day, year-round. In addition, we also serve sea mussels (when in season), fried sea bass or plaice filet with parsnip mash and a lovely Amsterdam onion sauce. Allow us to surprise you with our home-made cheese croquettes or celery turnip soup with smoked mackerel as a starter. And for a typical Dutch dessert, we have yogurt with vanilla custard, poffertjes (small pancakes), or our very own Grandma’s home-made apple pie.


Opening hours

monday - sunday 12.00-23.00 h