Bar-beque Castell


Bar-beque Castell

Welcome to Castell; been a household name in Amsterdam.


Castell addition to high quality steaks provides a homely no-nonsense atmosphere. All this combined with a wide selection of wines. An experience which your taste buds will be put on strong. To you the choice to snug to sink into one of our banks or to the entertainment at the bar.


All our steaks are prepared on the charcoal grill, this allows for that unique taste.


In short; bowl Castell taste and experience; the staff and the diverse audience care of the rest!


Opening hours


monday:           17:00 – 1:00

tuesday:            17:00 – 1:00

wednesday:        17:00 – 1:00

thursday:        17:00 – 1:00

friday:             17:00 – 2:00

saturday:          17:00 – 2:00

sunday:            17:00 – 1:00