Cafe Eijlders


Cafe Eijlders

The genesis of Eijlders pub has been extensively described by none other than Johan (John) Eijlders itself. In his autobiography Eylders, the life of a contrarian Amsterdam (Bruna 1971), he recounts those early years.

These were difficult times for Eijlders himself and many of his regulars. After all, the German occupation was during the opening of the café a reality on December 24, 1940.

Then in early 1943 was assigned a sign'Voor Jews verboden', Eylders hung it on a rubber suction cup. This left - to nobody's surprise - quick release; the sign now landed behind a stove.

underground activities were organized from the bar; whether unnoticed by John Eylders went we do not know, but he was imprisoned for many months because of suspected involvement in storage of weapons (in the banks?) in his cafe.

Student associations (forbidden in those years) found a meeting point in this by artists including Bertus Aafjes, Ed Hoornik, Koos Barn, Bert Jan Elburg Feet and well-attended bar. A name as an anti-Nazi cafe was quickly established and this attracted many people.

After 1945 after the liberation was the fame as artists' only strengthened. The list of famous names of painters, actors, artists, writers and sculptors who visited Eijlders is too long to post here

After the departure of the family Eylders all subsequent owners decor, clientele and atmosphere retained. Exhibitions, pub quizzes, close afternoons and music (including classical jams salons) make up the day that café Eijlders has much to offer.

Even now John Eylders would feel at home in the cafe, with its mengelingvan theater / concert goers, neighbors, tourists and even a few intellectual. Some innovations aside, such as the magnificent glass-covered terrace, the device is still exactly as he himself early forties envisioned.


Opening hours


thursday         12:00–01:00

friday               12:00–02:00

saturday            12:00–02:00

sunday              12:00–00:00

monday           16:30–01:00

tuesday             16:30–01:00

wednesday          16:30–01:00