Cafe de Spuyt


Cafe de Spuyt

Cafe de Spuyt is a cozy living room in the heart of Amsterdam, normally filled with figures of all stripes, but still one of the last oases of good taste around the Leidseplein.


We offer a range of more than a hundred beers, with an emphasis on Dutch and Belgian specialty beers. Besides our card with the famous abbey and Trappist beers we have seasonal beers an ever-changing selection, experiments and other curiosities.


We are open daily from four o'clock to three o'clock in the morning, and on Friday and Saturday until four o'clock in the morning. We regularly organize activities such as beer tasting (every fourth Monday of the month) are more or less regularly akoestiese live performances. For a comprehensive overview please refer to the calendar on this site. Of course you can at the Spuyt find your own party or parties.


Opening hours


thursday           16:00–03:00

friday                 15:00–04:00

saturday              15:00–04:00

sunday                15:00–03:00

monday             16:00–03:00

tuesday               16:00–03:00

wednesday            16:00–03:00