Club Up


Club Up

Club Up is part of the private artists’ society De Kring. Founded in 1922, the society has served as a figurative home away from home and meeting place for artists and intellectuals both young and old from Amsterdam’s cultural and social scene. In existence since 2008, Club Up derives its undeniably uncompromising and creative character from the same principles behind De Kring. Promoting novelty and innovation in the nightlife and music scene in an open and creative way is an important objective for Club Up. While House music is the main dish, other musical genres are also well represented at Club Up.

Few people know that Club Up was actually born out of a technical necessity. “De Kring needed a new emergency exit, meaning we’d also need the property behind it. This is how Club Up was born,” reminisces Sies Joosten. Another interesting factual nugget, also known to few, is that Club Up is named so due to the simple fact that upon entering the club, no matter which entrance you take, you always have to take the stairs up.


Opening hours

thursday 23.00-04.00 h
friday & saturday 23.00-05.00 h